Sabtu, 12 Disember 2009

Jaringan Sosial,Trend dan Refuseniks

Social networking (jaringan sosial) telah berkembang menjadi sebahagian "penting" dalam hidup kebanyakan orang,malah ada yang menganggap ia nyawa (come on lah,get a real life laaa).Memang jaringan sosial ni adalah satu ruang yang mewujudkan possibilities yang boleh dikatakan infinite.Boleh cari member sekepala,se-ideologi,awek,hiburan,kongsi ilmu,dan lain-lain.Tadi tiba-tiba gua bernostalgia tentang zaman kanak-kanak,ketika sekolah rendah gua pernah ada sahabat pena atau pen pal (time tu mana ada lagi Internet).Tapi alangkah susahnya nak meneruskan pertalian dengan mengharapkan khidmat snailmail!Nevertheless, I think it sowed the seeds of my future social networking and my blogging..

Sekarang kita dihidangkan dengan segala macam jenis platform jaringan sosial,its an embrressment of riches!It seems setiap orang boleh pilih apa jenis platform yang kena dengan diri masing-masing.Gua telah fed-up dan bersara dari Facebook,Myspace dan Friendster.Blog lama gua pun gua dah tutup tahun lepas.Tetapi kini gua kembali blogging.kenapa?well,gua harus berterus-terang gua kena "post-blogger syndrome".Sintom-sintom penyakit ini adalah seperti: suka tampal komen2 panjang di blog orang lain,kadang-kadang dah macam satu entri by itself.

Sebelum gua meneruskan bebelan,harap izinkan gua sambung dalam Bahasa Inggeris.Maaflah pejuang-pejuang BM,gua baru balik Malaysia 5 bulan lepas.

I remember my first attempt at blogging in 2005 on the now defunct Yahoo 360.A little unsure of myself, wary of putting my thoughts out there on the web in public view for everyone to read and comment on, the blogging experience was an interesting enough one for me to continue with and maintain daily for nearly three-and-a-half years. I have met (virtually and in reality) some perfect (and imperfect) strangers. I have broadened my mind and have kept in contact with some friends in distant places. Since the days of my first blogging on Yahoo 360, I have experimented with a few other platforms and finally settled on Wordpress which lasted until last year.

This past couple of years,Facebook and Twitter became THE places to do one’s social networking for a while, but both of these extremely popular platforms are now becoming shunned by a new breed of internetters, who have become known as “refuseniks”. These people are seen by the Facebookers as a little up themselves and difficult or even snobbish. However, the new breed of social networkers regard Facebook and Twitter as “old hat’ and also much too controlled by “Big Brother”. The unsavoury interference of the Facebook administrators in the membership and content, the leakage of users’ private information, the misuse of the platform, and the sheer pushiness of the thing put me right off straight away.Not to mention the annoying invitations. Even though nowadays not having a Facebook page is like not having a mobile phone or email, I must confess that yes,I am not only ketinggalan zaman,I am also a Refusenik!

refusenik riˈfyoōznik noun
1 A person in the former Soviet Union who was refused permission to emigrate, in particular, a Jew forbidden to emigrate to Israel.
2 A person who refuses to follow orders or obey the law, esp. as a protest.
3 A person who refuses to follow popular trends and buckle under peer pressure.
ORIGIN 1970s: from refuse (Middle English: from Old French refuser, probably an alteration of Latin recusare ‘to refuse,’ influenced by refutare ‘refute.’) + -nik (from Russian (on the pattern of (sput)nik) and Yiddish).

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lafemmerouse berkata...

you don't have to be a refusenik if you seeing facebook or blogger as a part of big brother.

all you have to do is good in encrypting,but your audience should be good to decrypt your ideas.

maybe art can do better on that.but information became more idiots nowadays,you should be genius to put your ideas to get over these idiocy..