Ahad, 24 Januari 2010

Tak Bertajuk

woit Dollah boleh tidur 5 tahun,gua tidur seminggu tak salah kan??

Dah lama tak buat entri.Bukan sibuk sangat ke apa pun,saja rilek kejap.Rehatkan minda dan jasad.'Hiatus',bak kata orang putih.

Kembali besok.Cheers.

up here in my tree, yeah
newspapers matter not to me, yeah
no more crowbars to my head, yeah
i'm trading stories with the leaves instead, yeah

wave to all my friends, yeah
they don't seem to notice me, no
all their eyes trained on the street, yo, oh
sidewalk cigarettes and scenes, (tempted)

up here so high i start to shake
up here so high the sky i scrape
i'm so high i hold just one breath here within my chest
just like innocence

i remember when, yeah
i swore i knew everything, oh yeah
let's say knowledge is a tree, yeah
it's growing up just like me, yeah

i'm so light the wind he shakes
i'm so high the sky i scrape
i'm so light i hold just one breath and go back to my nest
sleep with innocence...

up here so high the boughs they break
up here so high the sky i scrape
had my eyes peeled both wide open, and i got a glimpse
of my innocence...
got back my inner sense...
baby got it, still got it